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Okay, so, as you know, I recently achieved my Loremaster title. Now while I definitely did not use any addons which simply point out quests you haven’t done (because that would be cheating in my eyes and would spoil the challenge) I did use several very useful websites, which I will link for you shortly, because I’m nice like that.

My general strategy was to pick a continent and methodically work through it area by area. For example, for Eastern Kingdoms I started in Stranglethorn Vale and worked my way north, and for Kalimdor I started with Teldrassil and went south. If a quest I picked up ended in a different area, I would save it in my log until I had worked through to the area where I could turn it in. For this reason it is very important to keep quite an empty quest log where possible.

Within each area, I would do all the quests at every quest hub I could find and then move on. After sweeping the entire continent, I then returned to the first area and went through with a fine tooth comb, running to every inch of the place and checking the minimap constantly – hopefully you have, by now, realised that you can track low-level quests on your minimap!

After finely sweeping the whole continent, if I wasn’t finished I would then try to think of likely places for more quests, such as inside instances. In the case of Northrend, Outland and Eastern Kingdoms I didn’t need to do this (indeed by the time I reached Eastern Plaguelands I still had at least 15 easy quests left) but I found Kalimdor to be harder than the others and needed to refer to some of the links below to find those last few quests. I didn’t actually specifically look for dropped items which start quests, but you can do that too if you filter Wowhead to get a list.

So, on with the links!

First up, we have the Wowhead achievement pages, where you can browse the comments to pick up a lot of useful advice. You’ll probably never really need to look at Outland or Northrend, but the old world is a little more obscure.



Probably the most useful link I found, especially towards the end when I had 20 quests left to go in Kalimdor and literally could find none, was this post on – yes, it’s true – the official forums. The post has a fantastic list of the most obscure and easy-to-miss neutral and faction-specific quests, and while I’d only missed about seven or eight of them myself, I would likely never have found them otherwise!

There is also a thread over at the MMO-Champion forums with some tips and tricks, and it also clarifies a few points as to what counts and what doesn’t.

On that note:

  • Repeatable quests do not count.
  • I don’t think profession-specific quests count.
  • Class quests do count.
  • Quests only accessible at certain levels of reputation do count, however you shouldn’t need to have to open up many of these. I did a couple of the Cenarion Circle ones, and all of the Desolace Centaur ones (for both factions). I did not do the Scepter of the Sands chain in Silithis.

Pro tips:

  1. Make sure you do all the cloth turn-in quests in your home cities! They all count towards the Loremaster achievements except for when Runecloth becomes repeatable.
  2. For Alliance, make sure to get all the Beached Sea Creature quests in Darkshore – indeed, it was one of these which finished it all for me. There are 7 south of Auberdine and 3 to the north if I remember correctly.
  3. The chain to obtain the Sprite Darter pet, from Ferelas, gives a good 8 quests or so for the Alliance, provided you can manage to locate the quest givers!
  4. The Hero of the Horde chain, which starts from an NPC just at the entrance to the Blasted Lands from the Swamp of Sorrows, crosses both continents with quests for both sub-Loremaster achievements and is also highly enjoyable. Especially when you get rewarded with a weapon made out of giant droppings – you just don’t find that anywhere else, do you?

Now, onwards, and good luck!

Are you working on Loremaster? If so, are you close to it or a long way off? If you’ve completed it,  can you share any advice for others?


sea creatures!


One Response to “Loremaster links”

  1. Mirtai Says:

    Just finished doing the Loremaster achievements!! 😀

    Dire Maul is a good place to get a few quests done if you’ve not already done it, I hadn’t and that got me most of the last 10 I was needing. Finished Eastern Kingdoms pretty easily.

    Thanks for the links above – they were great in finding the little known quest givers!

    A Happy Mir

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