The Weekly Warlock Wind-Up: Matches (answer)

This week, I gave you the below pattern, where sixteen matches made up five squares, and asked you to move just two of the matches to reduce the number of squares to four:

See the solution after the break!

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“Playing a mage is easy”

I wasn’t going to post today, but then I watched this, and felt I simply had to point it out. Clearly, playing a mage is easy, and everybody should roll a Warlock.

NB: You probably will want to just skip about 95% of the video as is recommended by the producer, or at least skip through – he literally does read the entirety of the document (I watched it). The original document which somebody actually wrote up for serious can be found here. And yes, the maths makes sense.




Seems like all anybody talks about these days with regard to addons is GearScore, and either how much they hate it or how much they love it. I myself am guilty of the former. Which is why I present to you…


This fantastic addon is small, simple and exactly the sort of thing needed to prevent the unjust judging which goes on when someone says “Your GS is lower than mine, therefore you suck”. Allow me to quote from the website to explain what this great little mod does:

To understand how GearScoreBreaker works let’s first take a look at how GearScore (GS) works.  When a GS user mouses over a unit in game, GS calculates a value and sends updates to other guild members via a hidden addon chat channel.  Any other guild member using GS will take this update and store it into a massive database (this is how you can see someone’s GS even if you are not near them).

GSB simply responds to GS.  When GS sends an addon message this mod sends an update back with a new gear score and iLvl.  GS then receives this update and will in turn update its database with these new values.

It is important to remember that GSB will only change the value that is store in the database.  If a GS user is standing next to you then he/she will still see your true gear score.  This is a win situation for the authors of GSB.  At least a GS user must be close to you and hopefully the will then use their inspect button.

So in essence, it messes with the GearScore addon by sending out false information about you; I believe the default value it sends is 6000. So when the idiots inspect you to see your score, they’ll either believe the 6000 and let you in (= win) or have to manually look at your gear, which defeats the purpose of GS in the first place (= win).

You can see the above linked website for further information, and a link to download the addon. As with all my addon endorsements I feel obliged to point out that this mod abides perfectly by the WoW ToS, and all that jazz.


The Weekly Warlock Wind-Up: Matches

In today’s puzzle, sixteen matches are arranged to form five identical squares.

Your challenge is to move exactly two matches to reduce the number of squares to four. You have to use all the matches, and every match should be part of one of the squares.


Answers on Friday!


A little personal achievement

Well, it may not be the cap, but I have managed to achieve my personal target of over nine thousand fifty thousand gold! The sale that broke it was a King’s Amber, which went for 136g.

50000 Gold


The Weekly Warlock Wind-Up: When mathematics is broken (answer)

This week, I gave you this:

Imagine that 2 + 2 = 5. Starting with that, can you prove to me that 1 = 1 and that, at the same time, 1 = 42?

See the answer after the break!

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Cataclysmic pets

Yesterday, we went through our current Warlock pets. With the high possibility that we’re going to see at least one new one come Cataclysm, I’m wondering: What would you like to see?

Myself, I think we need a minion which is fitting for the new world we’re going to find ourselves in. There’s going to be fire, there’s going to be lava and molten rock, there are going to be earthquakes and there’s going to be destruction. Now, I don’t know what comes to mind when you hear those words, but personally, I get this:

Oh, come on, it's not as if Wrath isn't a complete copy of LotR anyway.

Yes, that’s right – I want me a Balrog. It has fire, it has horns, it has wings. It’s probably one of the most demonic creatures out there (certainly more so than, say, our Voidwalker, which could almost be mistaken for a Water Elemental in the wrong light) and it’s a completely fitting pet for a cataclysm like the one about to hit Azeroth. If it makes you happier, think of it as a male version of the succubus*, albeit less seductive. It even has a whip. A WHIP OF FIRE.

I think to be able to summon a creature like this, we would definitely have to complete an epic quest chain. Something akin to walking barefoot through a sea of burning cinders and then fighting and defeating the creature hand-to-spell, with no other help, to prove we’re really tough enough. And that’s only after we obtain the items necessary to summon it, travel to the furthest ends of the planet, kill some underlings, align the planets and jump backwards over a hedge. That kind of quest line. It should be hard, and the rewards should be awesome.

When you summon the creature, which should be a hugely strenuous effort for your character (RP possibilities), at first nothing happens. Then you hear a distant roar, and a feel a faint tremor. Before you know it, a gaping hole appears in the air in front of you, and if you look inside, it’s like looking into the fires of hell themselves. Or the plane of the Fire Elementals, whatever rocks your canoe. Then, a demonic arm reaches out and grasps the edge of the portal, followed by a second, and then the head, which bellows out as it emerges, spewing fire and ash. Your character leaps backwards, narrowly avoiding a scything horn, as the rest of the body is hauled through the portal, unfurling great black wings as it comes, with smoke billowing out around the edges and a great thud as the feet hit the ground. Standing tall, it roars once more, shaking the very earth.**

Now that’s my kind of demon. What’s yours?


*Technically that’s an incubus, a name which is sometimes interchanged with the word vampire. But give me some artistic license here.

** Think Kil’jaeden in the Sunwell crossed with the summoning of Ramuthra from The Amulet of Samarkand.