New Year’s Resolutions

Resolution picture

Well, I’m back from my holidays with a vengeance, so without further ado, let’s blog!

There are a couple of things to talk about today. Firstly, my Warcraft-related resolutions for this year:

  1. Reach the gold cap. Enough dithering, let’s just do it!
  2. Spend more time on my guild and its website. There’s plenty I could do there.
  3. Get a new PvP gear set, because what I currently have is embarrassing. It’s like walking around in shorts in winter, and gives about as much protection…
  4. Definitely level my Paladin, and ideally my Rogue, to 80 before Cataclysm hits.
  5. Keep blogging regularly.

Now, with regards to that last point, I’d like to mention my (very) new blog, No Correlation. It’s going to be a place for me to write about anything and everything outside of WoW, so this blog won’t get so badly cluttered with things that aren’t very relevant. I’ll still be writing here on the same schedule, but I’ll also be writing there. It needs a lot of sprucing up and obviously I’ve written next to nothing thus far, but it’s something to do on the side, and a bit of a change.

For those of you who forget, the current posting schedule for der Hexenmeister is this:

  • Monday – puzzle post.
  • Tuesday to Thursday – two to three content posts.
  • Friday – puzzle answers.
  • Saturday to Sunday – one to two random or fun posts.

What are your resolutions for 2010?


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