New pets?

Those of you who read might have noticed this post about the possibility of new demons for us come Cataclysm. So, let’s have a look at what we’ve got, and what changes I’d like to see to our current pets. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at some ideas for any new additions to our entourage.


Generally, I’m pretty happy with the Imp. I like the whole bad boy horns-and-ear-piercing thing it’s got going on, and the model is pretty good what with the green fire and all. I don’t think it would necessarily look better in purple or red, or any of the other skins that can be found around WoW, so aside from a slight tune up and sharpen (are those hands or paws, really?) I’ll be content if my ickle Quzpad stays the same way he’s always been.


The Voidwalker is probably the pet I dislike the most in terms of looks. Now, I understand that they’re supposed to be sort of shapeless and constantly changing, being made of dark matter or whatever, but I just feel that the model is very basic compared to some of the things in the game these days. The art for the wrist bindings looks almost childish in comparison to what we’ve been spoilt with in Wrath, and don’t even get me started on that head. I think that, if the pets were to get an overhaul, this should be priority. The design is good, but the implementation is poor, and some modernization is needed. Perhaps a bit of electric lightning around the vortex at the bottom there, like that tier set we had in TBC.


The Succubus makes me um and ah a bit (and not in the way you’re all thinking) about the model. In some senses it’s really good – the wings are nicely detailed, as is the, er, armour. Still, it might just be me, but I can’t help but feel it’s outdated and generally in need of some revival. I can’t pinpoint anything specific though – maybe you fellow Warlocks have a suggestion or three?


Ah yes, the pet I spent 10 minutes searching for on Wowhead under the name ‘Felhound’… Easy mistake to make, right? Anyway – I’m not a fan, basically. The model is very plain and simple, with little detail, and it gets old. It doesn’t look like it could even chew grass with that mouth, let alone bite chunks out of mages in the battlegrounds! Definitely in need of a makeover.


Now the Felguard is one of the pets I really do like the look of, which is a happy coincidence since he’s the one I see 95% of the time. The armour design, coupled with the large spikes protruding from his back and head and that bloomin’ huge axe, makes him look pretty intimidating. I’d actually be pretty happy if this model was left as-is.


Unfortunately, all infernals are pretty much alike, so there’s no real reason why this model should change to differ at all from the ones you find as NPCs in the world. However, a couple of minor changes I’d like would be more fire (the more green fire the better), and something similar to the Footsteps of Illidan effect, where the footprints would leave a trail of fire / embers along the floor. So long as it isn’t confused with the Footsteps of Cenarius, because that would leave a trail of flowers, and could be somewhat embarrassing for the Warlock. Generally this model works well for me, however.


Finally, we have the Doomguard. As with the Felguard, I really like this one. It’s physically huge, which is fitting since it takes five people to summon, and has wings. What can I say? I just love wings. Also, the colours and armour design complement each other well. I can’t think of any real changes to make here, although I suppose the ground could tremor a little bit when it walks past, like a Hunter pet.

So, those are the pets we have now. Before I give my ideas tomorrow about what we new minions we could have in the future, what are yours? Alternatively, any comments about what we have currently?



One Response to “New pets?”

  1. Tamarind Says:

    I heart the imp – he’s so cute, and I like his little comments (this was not in my contraaaaaact!) but the rest of them are a bit ‘feh’ if you ask me. I quite like the weirdness of the felpuppy, I mean, it’s definitely a *demon* thingy.

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