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Poneria over at Fel Concentration is helping out with the TNB Wiki (you know, that fantastic resource for WoW blogs and the like) and is asking for the blogosphere to lend a hand by providing all their best tips, tricks and advice about blogging. You can either drop her a message on Twitter or comment on the linked post, and the Blogger 101 page on the Wiki can be seen here. So head over and help out!

Of course, you get full credit for your contributions, so it could be good publicity too…

Here’s my two copper, which I left in a comment:

Firstly, no matter what people say, everyone wants someone to read their work. The best ways of advertising your blog and getting your name out there:

– take part in all the events you can e.g. charity drives like the ones at Azeroth United.
– leave comments on all the other blogs you can find (and make sure you link back to your own site somehow).
– talk to other bloggers, perhaps offer to swap guest posts to get publicity. Alternatively you could offer to do reviews of each other, or similar.
– sign up to the Twisted Nether Wiki and Azeroth United.
– Post wherever you can, and definitely make sure there’s a link to your blog there. For example, at Blog Azeroth.

Once people are reading your blog, you might want a few general tips:

– Set aside time to write, and don’t rush it.
– Don’t commit to a schedule right away, because you will end up not being able to follow it no matter how hard you try. Wait until you have a better feel for when you have the time and inclination, and do a loose schedule around that, if you must do one at all. Hint: Your readers probably don’t care when you post as long as the articles are enjoyable, so you don’t really need to make your schedule public unless you really want to.
– Try only to write about things relevant to the topic of your blog. Obviously what you write is down to you, but if you advertise as a Shaman blog and start writing about Druid rotations and the latest news from the stock exchange, your regular readers will suddenly become less regular.
– I can’t remember who said it (I think I heard it on a podcast), but “Once you’ve written around 15 posts, go back and delete the first 10, because they’ll be rubbish”.
– Your first article will probably consist of “Hello everyone, this is my blog about <topic> and I hope you enjoy it”. Don’t bother with this, it’s pointless. Time would be better spent writing a decent post about something interesting.
– Never ever write a post which apologises in advance for the fact you won’t be posting, or apologises for the lack of posts already. Similarly, try and avoid short, pointless articles which say “Real life is really busy right now so I might not post a lot”. Your readers don’t care that much.

Hope this helps!


P.S. I think I ought to follow my own advice sometimes!


One Response to “Blogging Advice”

  1. Markco Says:

    Some other tips:

    -Post more than twice a week.
    -Leave a link in every article you write so that when other sites grab your content you still have a link back to your site.
    -Every once in a while go back to old posts because you will always be getting new visitors who will never see your initial work which built your audience in the first place.
    -Guest post as often as you can.
    -Write articles about your site on free article sites.

    Hope that helps!
    Markco of JMTC

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