This Tuesday, I’ll be publishing the first installment in what I hope will be a long-running fiction series, set around the life of my WoW character Veliaf.

The series will be based on both my experiences in the game (hence the name of the series, Memoirs) with a little bit of deviation here and there if it suits the plot, but I want to stick to the ‘true story’ theme as much as possible. Hopefully it’ll be a good read, and certainly it’s not something I’ve really done before, so if nothing else it’s a bit of an adventure for me. I’m planning the series to be LONG – after all, I started playing back in 2006! The plot will also be set as the game was at the time e.g. when I started playing, Varian Wrynn was still missing, so until the story catches up with the Wrath story line he won’t make an appearance. Things like that.

I can’t promise a regular schedule for the stories (though at least one a week would be nice), but when they do go up I’ll be happy to accept any and all feedback in the comments, whether it’s constructive criticism or suggestions for things I could include, etc.



P.S. If you’ve ever met me in the game, you’ll probably see yourself featured, so keep an eye out!

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3 Responses to “Memoirs”

  1. Mirtai Says:

    If it’s anything like the half fiction, half fact story you wrote about Mir and instancing then I’m seriously looking forward to reading these! 😛

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