Single Abstract Noun


The first Google Images result for "Pantocracy". Could it be that this is what the guild members of Single Abstract Noun really look like?

So for all of you who read Righteous Orbs (and you should, because you won’t find orbs anywhere else that are any more righteous-er), you’ll have noticed that Tam recently started up Single Abstract Noun, a blogging communities guild on Argent Dawn EU.

Note the term ‘blogging communities’ – you don’t need to have a blog or write to one, or anything like that. In fact, all you really have to do is read blogs and be involved in the community, which means you (yes, you) are already qualified! So head on over and join in the fun – more information can be found at the above link.

Myself, I actually briefly considered restarting my subscription to go and see what was happening, but apparently the guild is a pantocracy and this means pants are encouraged, which is something I’m violently opposed to. So even though I won’t be there, you can be! Roll an alt, transfer your main, faction change – whatever rocks your canoe – and let me know how it goes.



4 Responses to “Single Abstract Noun”

  1. Issy Says:

    Pants are encouraged, but by no means compulsory, so please drop them, I mean by.

  2. Miss Medicina Says:

    I’m the girl in the middle.

    Obviously, that’s Tam with the red shoes.

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