The Weekly Warlock Workout

Back in October 2009, I launched (with this post) what has since become one of my blog’s most popular features – my weekly puzzle question, the Weekly Warlock Wind-Up. Since so many people seem to enjoy my puzzles, I have decided to expand upon this success with the introduction of another exciting weekly feature – the Weekly Warlock Workout!

This means that every Thursday I will be posting an item of my homework or coursework to the blog. Readers will then have until Sunday evening to work out the answers to the questions and post them in a comment, and I will announce the correct solution just as soon as I receive the marked piece back from my tutors! Categories of question will include:

  • History essays (Stalinist Russia, Britain 1815 – 1860)
  • Maths Mechanics (forces, momentum, velocity-time graphs, equations of motion, pulleys)
  • Core Mathematics (trigonometrical equations, integration, differentiation, radians, logarithms, binomial expansion)
  • ICT coursework (ICT and Society, ICT and Organisations, Databases)
  • Physics (electricity, waves, mechanics, quantum phenomena)

For my very first Workout, I’ve decided to give you something fairly easy, with a spot of integration:

Good luck, and remember to show your working!



3 Responses to “The Weekly Warlock Workout”

  1. Dila Says:

    For A I got (-2,11) and for B (3,6) and for the area bounded by the curve and the line I got 20.9 units squared. Although I think there’s an error somewhere in that second lot of working out.

  2. ilu09 Says:

    with f(x) = x² – 2x + 3
    and g(x) = 9 – x

    set f(x) = g(x)
    9 – x = x² – 2x + 3
    0 = x² – x – 6
    Vieta: 0 = (x+2)(x-3)
    g(-2) = 11
    g(3) = 6

    => A(-2/11) , B(3/6)

    now we integrate from -2 to 3 over ( g(x) – f(x) ) with g(x) > f(x) in the intervall.

    => (-2,3)integral(-x² + x + 6)
    = 125/6
    which is about 20.83

  3. Mirtai Says:

    Given the date today, am wondering if this is an April Fool or an actual post that happened to coincide with April Fools – guess we’ll have to wait for next thursday to find out for sure….!

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