The Imperial Guardsmen go to Liverpool

From left: Myself, Nia, Nassaya, Vahan and Snypedragon

You may recall that back in December I mentioned that my guild, the Imperial Guardsmen, would be having its first real-life meet up. I don’t think I blogged about it afterwards, but safe to say it was a success. So much of a success in fact, that we decided to have another one a couple of weeks ago, on April 7th.

This time around we picked Liverpool as the city of choice, mainly because most of us had never been, so it made for good sightseeing opportunities. Once we all arrived in the morning, we took a stroll around the brand new city centre and a few shops, and also took the tour of the Maritime Museum on the docks, which was quite interesting. After lunch we saw some more of the town, including a poke around one of the cathedrals, and then went for a coffee as the afternoon drew to an end. All too soon it was back to the station to say goodbye – at least until next time!

Of course, the day really was more about the people than the sightseeing, and it was great to finally meet some of the people we’d known for months and years over the internet but had never met in real life. Thankfully, we all got on fine, and we’re already planning the next event! You can see us in the picture at the top of the page.

The highlights of the trip, however, had to be the lambananas… They’re lambs, but they’re also bananas! Think I’m kidding? Take a look here:

Inside the science museum

Outside some random person's house

I wish my city had lambananas…



One Response to “The Imperial Guardsmen go to Liverpool”

  1. Vahan Says:

    WAH it’s me!

    Firstly, a minor correction: they’re actually SuperLambBananas. For anyone interested, they were a public art exhibition in Liverpool for 08, based on the original bigger statue. Around 100 were decorated in different ways by different groups and dotted around Liverpool, as well as one in London and one in Wales. Me and a friend got photos of 97 of them =).

    And also, the first photo isn’t just the science museum, it’s just that for some reason, your Physics student tour guide only showed you the space part! It’s Liverpool World Museum. Oh and the last photo, I think it’s actually a restaurant. It was opposite the RLPO on Hope Street if any scousers are wondering

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