A quick question

Hi folks!

So I’m just looking for your collective opinion on something which has been bugging me. I’m rewriting my CV (resumé) and wondering whether it’s appropriate to put anything about blogging – I wonder this because I don’t blog in a professional capacity and so it’s not a job but a hobby, however there are probably several good things to be said for it.

Your thoughts? Bloggers and non-bloggers alike are welcome to comment.


P.S. This is similar to the age-old question “do I put being a Guild Master on my job resumé?”. I won’t be doing that.


7 Responses to “A quick question”

  1. Xbalanque Says:

    I would argue that if it’s relevant (for example, a job where you do lots of writing to individuals outside the company), or will help explain gaps in your resume (“I was unemployed for 2 years but kept myself alive with money from the blog”) or something, fine.

    But hobbies and volunteer work are mainly relevant if they help establish something significant about you, IMHO.

    This is mainly true if you’re using CV in what I understand to be the typical European usage, where it just means the same thing as the 1 page resume in the US — you can go over, but it’s unwise, and usually better to trim down to a page, which means hobbies, work and volunteer experience, and education that aren’t relevant will be trimmed. In the US, we mainly use CV to refer to academic positions (and some positions which have academic-y aspects, like medical doctors), and in those cases, it’s often better to be exhaustive, as I understand it (at least, that’s a pretty clear distinction between my CV and my resume — I have one CV which basically has everything, and several different versions of my resume depending on what it’s for).

    So, basically, whether you should list it depends on the field and the position. It has the virtue of being true, despite the flaw of not being particularly helpful for making your decision.

    • Veliaf Says:

      You’re right of course – it depends on the situation. To clarify though, a CV in these terms is exhaustive (so I’ll probably put blogging down there). A resumé is the one tailored to the job you’re applying for.

  2. Nibuca Says:

    If the experience is at all relevant than maybe yes. If you list blogging and you give them a link then is the content the interviewer sees something you want a perspective employer to see?

    For example: While I was interviewing to hire a entry level software engineer an applicant sited their experience in photography (not relevant) and then offered a link to their photo site. The photo sites had pictures they’d taken at Burning Man. It is very hard to take an applicant serious once I know what they look like covered in dust from the playa and not much else.

    A post about the last time I ranted about resumes:

  3. Mirtai Says:

    For a CV in the UK it’s usually better to keep it to 2 pages in length. I have a short para about my overall work related experience, list my Uni qualification and highers (A-levels in England), previous work experience in order of most recent first (covers job title, company, dates and main tasks done), a short section on other information (full clean driving license, membership of any relevant professional bodies, etc) and hobbies – and this is where my answer comes in (sorry for the long run up!).

    I would say yes, have a section on hobbies and list it BUT only list it as ‘blogging’ along with other things, e.g. reading, spending time with friends, going to the cinema. Don’t give them the link and don’t say anymore about it unless they ask. Hobbies are generally asked for on application forms but are not mentioned in interviews. It gives the interviewer a small insight into you so I’d say put it on.

    If you’d like I can email you a copy of my CV (assuming I can find it!) 😛

    • Veliaf Says:

      Hmm, good point – I’ll probably just put it down with the others like you say. A copy of yours would be nice, but you really should have it to hand since you were applying for jobs just recently!

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