The Weekly Warlock Wind-Up: Codes (answer)

Quick, agent! The enemy are close behind and we don’t have long. Hide behind here and we’ll discuss the results of your mission…


So, it looks as if the way to go about solving this puzzle was to take the word BUTTER and its encoded format, and use them to work out what some of the symbols meant. You should have been able to deduce that:

  • B = $
  • U = /
  • T = X
  • E = £
  • R = !

Inserting these letters into the first of our three words, $ ! £ # % quickly becomes B R E # %. It’s obvious from this that the first foodstuff must be BREAD, so we can also see that:

  • A = #
  • D = %

Let’s look at the second word; you surely saw that @ ~ X # X ~ becomes @ ~ T A T ~ and a quick guess here means that this could easily decode into POTATO, our second word. Therefore:

  • P = @
  • O = ~

Finally, we can look at @ # ( X # and turn it into P A ( T A, so this must be PASTA as our third word.

Well done, soldier – mission successful.

Agent Veliaf.


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