The Weekly Warlock Wind-Up: Lateral thinking (answer)

This week, I posed you the following question:

On a dark, stormy night you are driving past a bus stop. Waiting at the stop are an old woman who looks as if she is about to die, an old friend who once saved your life, and the partner you’ve been dreaming of. Knowing that you can only take one passenger in your car, what should you do?

Did you get it right? Can there even be a morally right answer? Find out after the break…

Well, as some of you correctly inferred from the title of the post, the idea was to think outside the box a little. Ultimately, the solution would be to help the old woman into the car and then let your trusted friend drive her to hospital while you wait at the bus stop with your dream partner.

Well done to those of you who got it! Stay tuned for another puzzle, as always, on Monday.


P.S. Of course there was going to be an answer, or it would be a rather silly question to choose.


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