Character name: Veliaf

Race: Human

Class: Warlock

Main Spec: Demonology PvE:  0/56/15

Off Spec: Destruction PvP: 0/17/54

Guild: Imperial Guardsmen

Server: Darkspear

Battlegroup: Cruelty (was Nightfall)


Edit: This blog is no longer updated.

I’m the GM of a small and casual guild on EU Darkspear. When playing I’m my Warlock main, I enjoy raiding as Demonology on my continual quest to prove that it is possible to do well with a supposedly sub-par spec, and I also occasionally engage in battleground PvP, old-world questing / instancing and casually playing the AH. Otherwise I can sometimes be spotted on one of my numerous alts, vainly trying to reach 80 with another character, but I’m more commonly found to be blogging here at der Hexenmeister or surfing the net.

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