The Imperial Guardsmen go to Liverpool

From left: Myself, Nia, Nassaya, Vahan and Snypedragon

You may recall that back in December I mentioned that my guild, the Imperial Guardsmen, would be having its first real-life meet up. I don’t think I blogged about it afterwards, but safe to say it was a success. So much of a success in fact, that we decided to have another one a couple of weeks ago, on April 7th.

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Have a break, have a Kit-Kat

It exists, I sat on it!

Well, after more than three years of continuous WoW-playing, I’ve finally decided to take a break.

Truth is, I’ve been bored with the game for quite a while now. It feels as if I’ve accomplished almost everything I want to do, and, without allowing this post to degenerate into a sea of QQ, it does feel as if the game is changing in a way I don’t much like. So I’m going to be permanently AFK for a few months; right now I’m planning to make a return shortly before Cataclysm releases (whenever that may be!) but I can safely say it’s going to be a while, whatever happens. When the main thing you enjoy in a game is just talking to your friends, it becomes nothing more than a very expensive chat room, and it’s not really worth it.

With regards to my guild (which, as some of you may know, I run ran) I’ve left it in the capable hands of my officers, and I have every confidence in them. I won’t necessarily be taking over again when I come back either – we’ll just see how it goes. On that note, I’d like to direct you here, to Cold Comfort, where Karatheya has been kind enough to take up my idea for a post and write not one but three articles about transferring leadership, and all things related to the issue.

But anyway, yes, I know. You don’t really care about my guild and you probably aren’t bothered in the least about what I’m actually doing in the game. You come here to read my blog, and what you want to know is – am I still going to be blogging? The answer is yes, I am!

Now, I won’t necessarily be keeping up with the development of the game, and so don’t expect to see many guides or breaking news stories. However, I do feel I can share a lot about what I’ve learnt from being a guild leader for so long, and I would sort of like to write some memoirs, per se. This could very well end up taking the form of fiction, which is an area of writing I once started in but never got anywhere with, so if you start seeing Veliaf the Warlock as the main character in a series of stories, don’t be too shocked. Oh, and of course I’ll be keeping up the weekly puzzle, which is what you’re all here for anyway.

See you next time!


The importance of being small

My guild, the Imperial Guardsmen, is an exceptionally small guild by most people’s standards.

It always has been no matter how much effort we’ve thrown into recruiting. On average, we’ve tended to have between 40 and 50 members at any given point in our lifetime since I took over as GM, and while we try as hard as we can, we simply can’t manage catch up to other guilds. Of course, this sometimes creates issues. Oftentimes, we get stuck with several people who have really good ideas for things to do, but we just don’t have the human resources to make it work. If things are implemented regardless, they go unappreciated, or fall flat due to lack of interest.

For example, we recently purchased a Ventrilo server for the guild to use, and thus far a total of five different people have used it. Four of them are officers. Another example would be our guild website, which is updated pretty frequently and provides news, forums and a messaging system for our guildies. At the time of writing, we have a total of seven people signed up to the site, and approximately three of them use it regularly. Similarly, we set up a guild Facebook page for anyone who preferred to communicate through that medium, and inevitably it has just four members and has essentially fallen into disuse. The final example I’ll mention is the guild bank; after investing (officers’) gold into buying tabs for it, it is used a couple of times a month and that, again, is mainly by the officers. Hardly the healthy trading situation we had hoped to create.

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Gnome Punting

Join the Imperial Guardsmen, where we enjoy gnome punting as part of our five-a-day.

Also, as I’ve mentioned previously, please help support Azeroth United in their charity drive for Child’s Play, which brings games to hospitalized children who otherwise would have none (see end of video).

Thanks to Tom for being such a great sport. No pun intended.


Late night fun – a story in video

The cinematic counterpart to my previous tale, although this one includes footage of our AQ20 achievement fun run.

Note that this is neither an official video for my blog, nor is it an official video for my guild; it’s purely for fun.



Late night fun – a story in pictures

It can get pretty crazy late at night in my guild, especially with the introduction of a new Ventrilo server, and last night was no exception.

The plan had originally been to raid, but we eventually decided we couldn’t be bothered and so we went to ToC heroic instead. Afterwards, me and two others were somewhat bored, so we decided 3-manning Onyxia was the only sensible option.

Twenty-five minutes later, additional instances still could not be launched.

Luckily we developed a lazy man’s way of bashing our heads against the portal, which is to say we positioned ourselves such that we only had to jump and it would try and zone us in, meaning we didn’t actually have to move forwards or backwards or anything. The screams of joy were somewhat deafening when we finally did get in.

So the first attempt went down the pan when I got knocked into the whelps! -50DKP for me.

My last moments.

My last moments.

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Guild Halls


The idea of having somewhere in the game for your guild to hang out, hold meetings and show off achievements is one which appeals to me a lot. Coming from a RuneScape background, I was around to see their implementation of player housing, and I really enjoyed it. Now I don’t think that would necessarily work in WoW – the game is just too different, and the RS version was based around a new skill (read: profession) to do with creating furniture but I find it unlikely that Blizzard would bother with it. Giving each player the opportunity to have their own, instanced house would only lead to the decimation of the populations of major cities, and might well ruin the social atmosphere of the game completely. Besides, there really wouldn’t be much to do in there, at all. Having a shared area for your guild though, that’s a different matter entirely.


My idea of a guild hall is essentially a headquarters for the guild. In my mind, it would be a large room, with multiple levels and various pieces of furniture. It would be an area for the guild to collectively display their achievements, as well as provide an area for guilds who want to hold meetings in person – my guild does this when the officers have meetings, and I’m sure RP guilds might benefit even if nobody else did. Additionally, the room would have to be functional, or let’s face it – it would never realistically be used.

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