A little personal achievement

Well, it may not be the cap, but I have managed to achieve my personal target of over nine thousand fifty thousand gold! The sale that broke it was a King’s Amber, which went for 136g.

50000 Gold



Holiday achievements

Barney the Dinosaur

My God, she's embracing the big purple dragon!

“Wooteth (as we say on RP server).

Given you not so long ago bagged yourself a violet protodrake my topic for you is holiday achievements. I’m profoundly lazy about them: but what’s the big appeal? I mean a big purple dragon is okay-ish but there must be more to it. Why should we embrace them (holiday achis, I mean, not big purple dragons – that would be very dangerous), and is it worth it?”

Well, as Tamarind has challenged, so I shall respond, even if I am a little late. It’s like the Christmas present you didn’t want, and so you hid it under your bed and forgot about it.

I think there are quite a few reasons for embracing and completing holiday achievements. Firstly and most obviously, there is of course the reward for completing the meta-meta-achievement – the Violet Protodrake which I myself received not long ago. A 310% mount is nothing to laugh at, regardless of colour!

You point collectors out there can also admire the large amount of achievement points earned by completing the seasonal activities – there are generally ten or more achievements per meta, which gives an impressive total when you add everything up. Linked to this, almost every holiday (maybe all of them, I’m unsure) rewards a title, for example ‘the Noble’ or ‘Merrymaker’. There are other rewards too; things like holiday-specific clothing, tabards, pets and various other RP-centered items.

Each holiday brings with it its own challenges, whether in the form of quests or simply tasks that have to be done. Anybody remember trying to work out how to juggle torches for Midsummer? The quests, too, can be fun to complete, and often they give us fresh storylines to read and follow – for example, saving Metzen during Winter’s Veil. I think it helps with the immersion of the game, too – it feels more real, doesn’t it?

The seasonal events are also a great way to celebrate the real-life holiday with people who you maybe can’t celebrate with outside the game, for example your guildies. Nothing like running some holiday heroics! Which leads me to my next point – the events are, at their cores, designed to be something different and fun to break up the drudgery of dailies and raiding.

Is it worth it? It depends on what you want out of it. But I think we all know that what Tam was really asking is whether the Ice Stone has melted.

As for Tam himself, I could think of several things to ask him to discuss, including why I’m not on his blogroll *, why there is some sort of cactus at the bottom of his blog when you scroll all the way down, and how he found such a cute representation of an STD. But my serious blogging topic is: since you often talk about raiding and instancing and your experiences therein, which is your favourite raid / instance in the game and why? (If that’s been covered, though I couldn’t find it, pick the one you’d most like to bring back for level 85 in Cataclysm and say why).


* I jest.

To Veliaf, from Veliaf

Determined not to be beaten by Mirtai, I bought myself a motorcycle. Well, it was partly to celebrate Loremaster, and I’d been considering it for a while, but still.

Besides, it looks awesome when I tear around Dalaran knocking over Gnomes.

How was your Christmas? Fantastic, terrific or whimsical I should hope. Did you get anything nice, in WoW or otherwise?



December 15th, 2009, 22:07. Loremaster.

My gosh, that was a lot of work. I’ll be posting more about it later this week, so I can mention things like useful links, tips and hints, as well as so I can talk about my experiences, but for now, let’s just enjoy it.

(Loremaster) Vel.

Long Strange Trip

Well, this post has been slightly delayed due to more important things, but yes – I finished up Hallow’s End (after waiting almost the entire holiday duration for the pet to drop from the Horseman – I got it in a Trick or Treat bag in the end), and completed the “What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” achievement!

Long Strange Trip

Edited to blank out guild chat

That was pretty epic, since it scored me a 310% mount in the process. Which, incidentally, is more purple than pink.

Violet Proto Drake


Past Plans

The blog logo

The blog logo

A while back at the start of September, you may remember I posted two “To-Do” lists, one for this blog and one for the game. Today I’m going to take a look back and see what I’ve managed to do and what’s left. On a related note, tomorrow I’ll be setting out a plan for upcoming posts and/or features, and I also want to define a regular posting schedule for myself.

Now then, let’s look at the blog list first:

  • Finish those leveling guides. I’m not doing any more leveling related videos, but I want to do written guides for each of the three specs. Demonology first, of course, but all three in the end, all the way up to 80.

This one I’ve done, and very pleased with the guides I am too. You can find links to them all in the sidebar on the left.

  • Create a few more videos. There are some level 80 things I know I’d like to feature, and I’ve also received good feedback with suggestions; for example, guides to Naxxramas, Ulduar, and such.

I haven’t created any more blog-specific videos, but really this is due to lack of material / inspiration. I might make one to do with my UI so I can show some addons in action, but if there’s anything you want to see me do, tell me!

  • I’m planning a series of posts about my guild. Quite what yet, I’m not sure, but something along those lines.

This is still in the makings and hasn’t happened yet, but there are more important things I’ll be doing first.

  • Something about Warlock addons (this one has actually been drafted, shock horror!), which will probably descend into…
  • My UI and/or keybindings, etc. Not that the latter would be particularly helpful, since everyone has different tastes in keybinds, but oh well. I may also discuss hardware and things while we’re here.

Expect these two ideas to happen Soon™.

  • Overhaul the website a bit. It looks okay, but it’s plain and kind of boring. I want a proper header-bar picture, some sort of logo (might have something cool lined up here: watch this space), and I might change the theme (colours, layout, design) about a bit too.

Done! I actually just revamped the site this past weekend as you probably know, and it looks so much better, doesn’t it? As for the logo, I have a generic site one which I use whenever I need to represent the blog (see the top of the article), and I have my personal one which I’m slightly in love with. Ambigrams just appeal to me.

  • Look at my blogroll and side bar in general – I’d like a list of important links (i.e. to guides) and less of the ‘last five posts’ type of content, since you could just scroll down. This will probably be done when I get around to doing the site overhaul.

Sure enough, I did this, and at the time of writing all my blogroll links are working and current.

  • My planned posts on pets are way overdue, along with ones on professions, gearing up for raids after hitting 80, and a few posts about my alts.

I’ve put these on the backburner, as they’re not pressing and possibly won’t make it live if they don’t turn out well – no point making you read 2000 words on “Why My Imp Is Cuter Than My Voidwalker” if you’re going to want to tear your eyes out with boredom afterwards.

All in all, finishing that list is still very much a work in progress, but hopefully a few more of the points will ticked off soon.

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Guardian of Cenarius

Before I start, I’ll be posting the answer to my puzzle tomorrow, so you have until then.

Anyway, after finally summoning the will to head out into the deserts of Silithus and grind some rep the other day, I can now proudly call myself exalted with the Cenarion Circle, something I’ve wanted for quite some time:


Rather than just make this into one big boast, I’ll be useful and give you my advice as to how I would go about getting this title / achievement again. Also, the WoWWiki page for the faction grind is here.

Tips and tricks for CC rep grinding:

  • The best place for rep, hands down, is AQ20, which rewards CC rep almost exclusively for each mob and boss. The quest items which drop, such as the scarabs, are worth keeping until you can get the quests, which of course reward rep when you complete them. Despite it being a raid, AQ20 can be finished by just 3 or 4 people at level 80, but if you can’t get a group you could probably carefully go and solo it, as a Warlock, though it would be slow to avoid death.
  • The second best place for rep is probably AQ40, but for this you will need a raid. There’s also the disadvantage that some mobs reward Brood of Nozdormu rep instead of CC (not a bad thing, but not good for this particular grind).
  • Third, and the easiest method of repping yourself up, is to kill the Twilight Cultists in the various camps around Silithus – I visited the two west of Cenarion Hold. The mobs reward about 10 rep each (11 as a Human) and frequently drop the Encrypted Twilight Texts which can be turned in to a chap in the Hold for a good amount of rep, though the exact amount escapes me.
  • Fourth, you can collect the set of clothing which drops from the Cultists and use it at a Lesser Wind Stone to summon and kill the elemental mobs. Each of these drops a Crest, and turning in 3 will get you some more rep. Obviously, you can do this while you get the Texts.
  • You can obviously also do the quests for the faction – some are in Silithus, but some are spread out around the world. I believe there are some in Dire Maul, and a couple of the Zangarmarsh quests might give CC rep as well as Cenarion Expedition.

Surprisingly the grind (I had about 6000 rep to go) only took a couple of hours with the various turn-ins – I was just focusing on the third bullet point that evening – and it was much smoother than expected. Next up, the Zandalar Tribe!