Have a break, have a Kit-Kat

It exists, I sat on it!

Well, after more than three years of continuous WoW-playing, I’ve finally decided to take a break.

Truth is, I’ve been bored with the game for quite a while now. It feels as if I’ve accomplished almost everything I want to do, and, without allowing this post to degenerate into a sea of QQ, it does feel as if the game is changing in a way I don’t much like. So I’m going to be permanently AFK for a few months; right now I’m planning to make a return shortly before Cataclysm releases (whenever that may be!) but I can safely say it’s going to be a while, whatever happens. When the main thing you enjoy in a game is just talking to your friends, it becomes nothing more than a very expensive chat room, and it’s not really worth it.

With regards to my guild (which, as some of you may know, I run ran) I’ve left it in the capable hands of my officers, and I have every confidence in them. I won’t necessarily be taking over again when I come back either – we’ll just see how it goes. On that note, I’d like to direct you here, to Cold Comfort, where Karatheya has been kind enough to take up my idea for a post and write not one but three articles about transferring leadership, and all things related to the issue.

But anyway, yes, I know. You don’t really care about my guild and you probably aren’t bothered in the least about what I’m actually doing in the game. You come here to read my blog, and what you want to know is – am I still going to be blogging? The answer is yes, I am!

Now, I won’t necessarily be keeping up with the development of the game, and so don’t expect to see many guides or breaking news stories. However, I do feel I can share a lot about what I’ve learnt from being a guild leader for so long, and I would sort of like to write some memoirs, per se. This could very well end up taking the form of fiction, which is an area of writing I once started in but never got anywhere with, so if you start seeing Veliaf the Warlock as the main character in a series of stories, don’t be too shocked. Oh, and of course I’ll be keeping up the weekly puzzle, which is what you’re all here for anyway.

See you next time!



Saturday Smiles

It just makes me giggle every time, what can I say?

This week, I bring you some of the (in my opinion) funniest quotes I’ve heard from around the blogosphere recently.

From Critical QQ:

“For those of you who follow my armory page, you may have noticed that my haste has risen to a mighty value of 1175. For those of you do not, my haste has risen to a mighty value of 1175.”

From Forbearance:

“We should have gotten Insanity, but we went into phase 3 with the Exhaustion debuff. It was my fault– I forgot that taking my shirt off triggers global Heroism.”

From Greedy Goblin:

“Politics is like a sewer tank: the largest pieces float atop.”

From Gaussification:

“You Fail At Cooldowns If…

  • When asked to use them you check the temperature of your CPU
  • You believe you have no cooldowns”

[Author’s note: There were a lot of good ones in this post, these are just two]

From Cold Comfort:

“Fine.  There’s a solution for that.  Don’t use the Dungeon Finder.  If you’re unwilling to mix with people you haven’t met before, don’t put yourself in a situation where that is the only possible outcome.

It’s like having a peanut allergy and going to work for Planter’s.  No good will come of this.”

And from the name of the Yogscast’s Star Trek Online review:

“I just Shatner my pants.”

Did you see anything funny around the web recently that you’d like to share? Any other deserving quotes? Leave a comment below!