Microsoft drops epic loot

Windows 7

Finally, an upgrade for my Operating System slot to replace my rubbishy blue Vista item that I’ve had forever. After waiting and farming Microsoft for months, the Windows 7 tier piece dropped and I’m looking forward to equipping it as soon as possible.

Looking at the stats, it not only has a higher iLevel and a clear speed increase over what I’m currently using, but the durability is much higher, so it should break less easily, and let’s be honest – it looks a lot better too. Hopefully I won’t need to gem for +RAM to use it, but we’ll see.

Whatever it’s like, it can’t be worse than its predecessor, eh? I’ll probably give you my opinions on it when I get it enchanted with my new computer so that it’ll be doing the maximum DPS (data per second). I should hopefully be getting that next week, once I’ve saved up the last of the gold I need.