Machinimas and buffs

Yeah, yeah, I know, not two obviously related topics at all. But I didn’t feel either was worth a separate post, so I’ve rolled ’em into one.

First up, in this post over at Gaussafication, Gauss discusses some of his favourite machinimas. All of them are worth watching, and since it’s probably one of my all-time favourites, I feel especially obliged to point out The Craft of War: Blind, which he ranked as #4 of his top 5.

You may remember that a few months back I covered my own favourite machinimas, both movie and music, so if you need yet more to watch, go and take a look!

Also this week there was a statement from Ghostcrawler about upcoming changes, during which he mentioned that he felt Warlock PvE damage was too low, so we can probably expect a buff in the future, which is always nice.

Sorry it’s a bit of a throwaway post today, but it is the weekend and I’ve been very busy with that thing they call “Real Life”. I’ll continue to be busy all this next week too, so the posting might be a little thin, but it’s nothing to worry about!