Seems like all anybody talks about these days with regard to addons is GearScore, and either how much they hate it or how much they love it. I myself am guilty of the former. Which is why I present to you…


This fantastic addon is small, simple and exactly the sort of thing needed to prevent the unjust judging which goes on when someone says “Your GS is lower than mine, therefore you suck”. Allow me to quote from the website to explain what this great little mod does:

To understand how GearScoreBreaker works let’s first take a look at how GearScore (GS) works.  When a GS user mouses over a unit in game, GS calculates a value and sends updates to other guild members via a hidden addon chat channel.  Any other guild member using GS will take this update and store it into a massive database (this is how you can see someone’s GS even if you are not near them).

GSB simply responds to GS.  When GS sends an addon message this mod sends an update back with a new gear score and iLvl.  GS then receives this update and will in turn update its database with these new values.

It is important to remember that GSB will only change the value that is store in the database.  If a GS user is standing next to you then he/she will still see your true gear score.  This is a win situation for the authors of GSB.  At least a GS user must be close to you and hopefully the will then use their inspect button.

So in essence, it messes with the GearScore addon by sending out false information about you; I believe the default value it sends is 6000. So when the idiots inspect you to see your score, they’ll either believe the 6000 and let you in (= win) or have to manually look at your gear, which defeats the purpose of GS in the first place (= win).

You can see the above linked website for further information, and a link to download the addon. As with all my addon endorsements I feel obliged to point out that this mod abides perfectly by the WoW ToS, and all that jazz.