Holiday achievements

Barney the Dinosaur

My God, she's embracing the big purple dragon!

“Wooteth (as we say on RP server).

Given you not so long ago bagged yourself a violet protodrake my topic for you is holiday achievements. I’m profoundly lazy about them: but what’s the big appeal? I mean a big purple dragon is okay-ish but there must be more to it. Why should we embrace them (holiday achis, I mean, not big purple dragons – that would be very dangerous), and is it worth it?”

Well, as Tamarind has challenged, so I shall respond, even if I am a little late. It’s like the Christmas present you didn’t want, and so you hid it under your bed and forgot about it.

I think there are quite a few reasons for embracing and completing holiday achievements. Firstly and most obviously, there is of course the reward for completing the meta-meta-achievement – the Violet Protodrake which I myself received not long ago. A 310% mount is nothing to laugh at, regardless of colour!

You point collectors out there can also admire the large amount of achievement points earned by completing the seasonal activities – there are generally ten or more achievements per meta, which gives an impressive total when you add everything up. Linked to this, almost every holiday (maybe all of them, I’m unsure) rewards a title, for example ‘the Noble’ or ‘Merrymaker’. There are other rewards too; things like holiday-specific clothing, tabards, pets and various other RP-centered items.

Each holiday brings with it its own challenges, whether in the form of quests or simply tasks that have to be done. Anybody remember trying to work out how to juggle torches for Midsummer? The quests, too, can be fun to complete, and often they give us fresh storylines to read and follow – for example, saving Metzen during Winter’s Veil. I think it helps with the immersion of the game, too – it feels more real, doesn’t it?

The seasonal events are also a great way to celebrate the real-life holiday with people who you maybe can’t celebrate with outside the game, for example your guildies. Nothing like running some holiday heroics! Which leads me to my next point – the events are, at their cores, designed to be something different and fun to break up the drudgery of dailies and raiding.

Is it worth it? It depends on what you want out of it. But I think we all know that what Tam was really asking is whether the Ice Stone has melted.

As for Tam himself, I could think of several things to ask him to discuss, including why I’m not on his blogroll *, why there is some sort of cactus at the bottom of his blog when you scroll all the way down, and how he found such a cute representation of an STD. But my serious blogging topic is: since you often talk about raiding and instancing and your experiences therein, which is your favourite raid / instance in the game and why? (If that’s been covered, though I couldn’t find it, pick the one you’d most like to bring back for level 85 in Cataclysm and say why).


* I jest.


AFK for the holidays, and the syphilis meme

So I’ll be AFK for the holidays, which for me means about a week and a half. There will be some scheduled posts put up during that time (however, we’re unfortunately skipping the Wind-Up next week), but I won’t actually be about. Make sure you all have a fantastic holiday yourselves, won’t you, and don’t eat the yellow snow.

I’d also like to let Tam know that I’ll be writing about holiday achievements for him after I get back. He should therefore beware, because there might be a topic waiting for him himself, when he least expects it…

Be right back,