Hot on the heels of my addon posts (recommended reading to understand this post, find them here and here), today I’m going to talk about my UI layout, and why things are where they are.

When I was working out where I wanted each thing to be on the screen, I had a few points in mind:

  • The major things should be obvious and easy to see
  • Little, less important things should be out of the way, but visible
  • Information which isn’t often needed, or isn’t wanted during a fight, should be hidden unless I want to see it
  • I wanted to keep the look of the default UI, because I just like the design of it
  • Lastly, I want to be able to see the whole raid’s unit frames at once

Taking those things into consideration, here’s what my UI looks like outside of combat:

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My Addons (A-L)

Following on from my rather wordy Warlock-specific addons guide, we’re now going to focus on the ones I use. Today, we cover approximately half of them. The links lead to the relevant pages on Curse.

Atlas is an addon I admittedly rarely use, but one which comes in very handy in the right situation. As the name might suggest, it provides maps for you – lots of maps. You can pull up the layout of any instance, battleground or transportation route, and see, for example, the accompanying bosses and their locations. It’s not necessarily useful in day-to-day life, but when you’re lost in some God-forsaken dungeon (*cough* Razorfen Downs *cough*) it can be a life saver.


Atlas - Left: Transportation Map - Right: Uldaman Map

AtlasLoot Enhanced started out being related to Atlas, but has since evolved into an addon of its own. In a nutshell, it allows you to look up all the boss loot in the game, in addition to reputation rewards, gear sets and crafted items, and this is great for things like checking up on prospective loot from the next raid boss.

AtlasLoot Enhanced

AtlasLoot Enhanced

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