A whimsical weekend

Well, after a fun-filled weekend (more on that in just a second) I’m back and ready to blog, which is what I’m doing right now just to prove it.

Firstly though, I’d like to address a question Vahan (a guild-mate of mine actually) left in my comments on a previous post, which was about the podcast How I WoW. What he asked was why I didn’t include it in my post about my WoW podcast subscriptions – I’d like to say that actually, I am subscribed to this podcast, but the reason I skipped it in the post is that I’d only heard one episode of it (#19) and quite frankly it was boring as anything. I really didn’t enjoy it. Anyway, coincidentally as I returned from my weekend-break today I actually listened to episode #20, deciding to give it one last try, and found it funny, interesting and informative. After planning a post about it, I then discovered Vahan’s comment. So whether #19 was just a bad episode or they just had a bad guest, I don’t know, but it certainly improved for me – I’ll be giving the next episode a try too. That’s why it wasn’t on my list, though.

The other thing I want to talk about is something great that happened this weekend while I was away. You see, I spent Saturday at an air show festival thing, and before I went that morning I texted my guild-mate Tom, who I’ve never met in real life but who I know quite well, with something like ‘Oh, I’m near where you live, we ought to meet up’ – as a joke, of course. However he actually took me seriously, and a little bit of planning later he took a train for two hours followed by a bus just to get to where I was, and we actually met! It has to be said, it was truly awesome, and it was brilliant to finally meet him face to face. It could even be considered the very first step towards some sort of real life guild-meeting, and I really hope to see him again outside of the game as soon as we can arrange it.

Anyway, until tomorrow,