A point worth addressing

Earlier today, I received this comment to one of my puzzle posts:

“Wtf. I thought this was a Warlock blog. Need some Cataclysm info and musings. Snap out of this madness and get back to the real business at hand.”

Now admittedly it did appear in my Spam folder alongside “I love farmville” and some paragraphs about medicinal drugs, but I think it’s probably a legitimate remark and it’s certainly worth discussing.

As I’m sure most folks who stop by here know, I quit WoW back in February. There were various reasons for packing it in but at the end of the day, I was just bored of the game. After playing for several years I’d seen all the content I wanted to see and all that was really left to do was grind for one achievement or another, and I wasn’t very interested in that. So I stopped playing, and I haven’t really looked back.

After I left Azeroth I actually stopped gaming completely for a while to focus on my studies and personal life, as well as my other hobbies. I had an extremely busy summer doing one thing or another, and there was neither the time nor the inclination to play anything. I did, however, keep this blog going, and that seems to be the issue of controversy here.

The simple truth is, I like blogging. I really do. I enjoy the sense of community that exists with other bloggers, the many different viewpoints that are publicised on any given issue, and the sheer variety of writing styles and information which can be found on blogs around the web. It’s also just nice to have my own, personal place where I can post my thoughts for the world to see. But the problem came when I realised my blog was devoted to something I didn’t actually do any more.

See, when I lost interest in playing the game, I also lost interest in WoW itself in general. I wasn’t willing to read the news and keep up with current events like I had done, and gradually the blogs and sites I read dropped away until all that remained were the ones who either didn’t talk about WoW all the time, or the ones I simply enjoyed reading for the author’s style. Unfortunately for my own blog, this obviously meant that I literally had nothing to write about. I wasn’t willing to publish content about things other than WoW, because that’s not what the blog was for, yet I couldn’t post the types of articles I used to that were full of “info and musings”, as the above comment put it. In the end, I was left with the weekly puzzle questions, which I knew were popular among at least a few people, and my increasingly rare story posts – and this is pretty much the state the blog has existed in for a few months now.

I understand that to some people my blog used to be a source of information and perhaps even entertainment, but rest assured that nobody is more frustrated about it than I am. Despite my more mathematical tendencies I love to write, and the lack of effort I put into the blog these days does bother me. It’s very easy to write up a puzzle and answer each week and simply leave it at that, but it’s nowhere near as satisfying as the times I would put up a different, 1500-word article each day for a week. Or when I took part in NaBloPoMo and posted every day for a month! But I digress.

Stated simply, DHM is no longer a World of Warcraft Warlock blog. I can’t write about anything game related because I am no longer a part of that community, and it is extremely unlikely that I will be again. At the same time, I’m reluctant to leave the blog. There are people who would miss the little content I do put up, and while I could perhaps continue to post it somewhere else, where would that be? I don’t actively write to any other blogs and, while I could start a new one, what would I write about? The thing about WoW is that it is an ever-changing subject; there is always something fresh and new to comment on, and that’s what a blog needs as a subject. The few games I do play and the other hobbies I have are essentially static, and I would soon run out of content.

So here are the big questions. Do I continue with DHM, posting the weekly puzzles and eventually getting around to continuing my fiction series, or should I start a blog somewhere else and write there? If so, what would people want me to write about? Should I just give up blogging altogether? I’ve been brooding on this issue for a few weeks now and have yet to reach any conclusions.

Your comments are most welcome.


P.S. If any of you are on Steam, I’m playing all my current games through there under the username of – you guessed it – Veliaf. Feel free to say hello.



I felt this was appropriate. A very nice production from Sharm, Cryssy and Quix0tica!

Cataclysm Class Previews: Warlock Changes

As I’m sure you’ve heard, starting a couple of days ago we’ve had a deluge of Cataclysm information, most noticeably the class previews, and of course one of these was all about Warlocks (MMO-Champion post). I’m not going to do my own in-depth review of the information because I don’t really feel qualified, since I haven’t actually played WoW in months, but you can go here for Dominic Hobbs’ analysis on WoW.com, which I found to be pretty comprehensive. You may also like to refer to my Blizzcon post about Warlock changes from August of last year.

With that said, I will make a few comments, so let’s have a look!

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Drain Tanking

Just a quickie today to recommend that y’all go out and read this post by Cynwise, of Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual.

It covers the Affliction method of drain tanking in an excellent amount of detail, yet is very easy to read and understand. Personally I don’t know a lot about this technique, and I certainly wouldn’t have been writing anything myself, so I also found it useful. These are the main sections of the guide:

  • Low level drain tanking
  • Siphon Life
  • Key talents
  • Show me, don’t tell me

The latter section contains a very crisp and clear video showing you exactly what to do when using this method to grind through mobs, so if you can’t be bothered reading, at least go and watch that.

On an unrelated note, I’m hoping to have the next Memoirs episode by Friday, though I promise nothing. See you soon!


* You can go for GOD OF DEATH MODE if you like. It’s really personal preference.

“Playing a mage is easy”

I wasn’t going to post today, but then I watched this, and felt I simply had to point it out. Clearly, playing a mage is easy, and everybody should roll a Warlock.

NB: You probably will want to just skip about 95% of the video as is recommended by the producer, or at least skip through – he literally does read the entirety of the document (I watched it). The original document which somebody actually wrote up for serious can be found here. And yes, the maths makes sense.


Cataclysmic pets

Yesterday, we went through our current Warlock pets. With the high possibility that we’re going to see at least one new one come Cataclysm, I’m wondering: What would you like to see?

Myself, I think we need a minion which is fitting for the new world we’re going to find ourselves in. There’s going to be fire, there’s going to be lava and molten rock, there are going to be earthquakes and there’s going to be destruction. Now, I don’t know what comes to mind when you hear those words, but personally, I get this:

Oh, come on, it's not as if Wrath isn't a complete copy of LotR anyway.

Yes, that’s right – I want me a Balrog. It has fire, it has horns, it has wings. It’s probably one of the most demonic creatures out there (certainly more so than, say, our Voidwalker, which could almost be mistaken for a Water Elemental in the wrong light) and it’s a completely fitting pet for a cataclysm like the one about to hit Azeroth. If it makes you happier, think of it as a male version of the succubus*, albeit less seductive. It even has a whip. A WHIP OF FIRE.

I think to be able to summon a creature like this, we would definitely have to complete an epic quest chain. Something akin to walking barefoot through a sea of burning cinders and then fighting and defeating the creature hand-to-spell, with no other help, to prove we’re really tough enough. And that’s only after we obtain the items necessary to summon it, travel to the furthest ends of the planet, kill some underlings, align the planets and jump backwards over a hedge. That kind of quest line. It should be hard, and the rewards should be awesome.

When you summon the creature, which should be a hugely strenuous effort for your character (RP possibilities), at first nothing happens. Then you hear a distant roar, and a feel a faint tremor. Before you know it, a gaping hole appears in the air in front of you, and if you look inside, it’s like looking into the fires of hell themselves. Or the plane of the Fire Elementals, whatever rocks your canoe. Then, a demonic arm reaches out and grasps the edge of the portal, followed by a second, and then the head, which bellows out as it emerges, spewing fire and ash. Your character leaps backwards, narrowly avoiding a scything horn, as the rest of the body is hauled through the portal, unfurling great black wings as it comes, with smoke billowing out around the edges and a great thud as the feet hit the ground. Standing tall, it roars once more, shaking the very earth.**

Now that’s my kind of demon. What’s yours?


*Technically that’s an incubus, a name which is sometimes interchanged with the word vampire. But give me some artistic license here.

** Think Kil’jaeden in the Sunwell crossed with the summoning of Ramuthra from The Amulet of Samarkand.

New pets?

Those of you who read WoW.com might have noticed this post about the possibility of new demons for us come Cataclysm. So, let’s have a look at what we’ve got, and what changes I’d like to see to our current pets. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at some ideas for any new additions to our entourage.


Generally, I’m pretty happy with the Imp. I like the whole bad boy horns-and-ear-piercing thing it’s got going on, and the model is pretty good what with the green fire and all. I don’t think it would necessarily look better in purple or red, or any of the other skins that can be found around WoW, so aside from a slight tune up and sharpen (are those hands or paws, really?) I’ll be content if my ickle Quzpad stays the same way he’s always been.

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