Worgen Theory

Picture by Seraies

Picture by Seraies

So the other day I was reading this post about Worgen speculation by Tharion over at Lorecrafted. In the post, he discusses the possible links between Druids and the Worgen, and the various places they could have come from – another world, the past, or, most intriguingly, the future. After reading, I felt I could take the idea further, and so I’ve put my own little hypothesis together.

The current theory as endorsed by Blizzard is that the Worgen originally came about due to a Druidic order who specifically focused on wolves. Just as we have Druids of the Talon who shift into birds and Druids of the Claw who shift into bears, there was once (we presume they no longer really exist) a sect of Druids who shifted into wolves or worgs.

Now, suppose this Order was somehow different to the others, or was changed in some way to give them a heightened awareness of the arcane. Maybe they were closer to the Elven Mages of that time, or were affected by the Legion’s magic somehow when they were testing the waters before the Sundering, so to speak. Whatever the cause, they then could have had a vision of the very distant future.

In this future, the Burning Legion has invaded Azeroth. The mortal races are either being wiped out or already extinct, and the world is generally on the edge of destruction. Perhaps the defeat of the Titan watcher inside Ulduar, Algalon, has meant that the Titans haven’t been alerted to this.

The Druids realise this can’t be allowed to happen, and set about finding a way to stop the invasion. They make some sort of pact with the Bronze Dragonflight, perhaps with the aid of Ysera, the Green Dragonflight Aspect who is close to the Druids, and get transported into the future.

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Blizzcon review: Part three


As previously mentioned, today is Worgen day, so without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Keeping to the same format as the Goblins, I’m going to look at the lore behind the newest Alliance race first. Now, I will admit I was a little disappointed to see that the Cataclysm Worgen were from Gilneas, and not original Worgen from their home world, because the lore would frankly have been much more interesting, not least because I really want to know who or what the Lords of the Emerald Flame are that they’re fighting.

However, the way Blizzard have gone with it does make more sense with regard to the Worgen joining the Alliance. To summarize the plot, Archmage Arugal’s werewolf curse spread past the Greymane Wall and infected the Gilneans, who sort of descended into civil war – the infected versus the uninfected. In the end though, all the citizens were affected, but not before they managed to create a potion which allows them to control their shapeshifting and presumable bloodlust. Now that Arthas has been defeated and the Cataclysm has torn the Wall apart, the Forsaken have decided to claim Lordaeron for their own, and are marching on Gilneas. The Gilneans, needing both a cure and protection from the undead, have joined back with the Alliance they gave up on after the Second War.

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Thoughts about Cataclysm

In light of the newest Cataclysm speculation / news that WoW.com has reported on (see their posts here and here for the original sources), and because I didn’t have a particular post planned for today, I’m going to dissect the recent ‘findings’ by going through the notes they’ve made, and get more and more excitable as we go on.

At this time I would like to note that these ‘patch notes’ have NOT been confirmed and are based upon the original post at MMO-Champion, but for the purposes of this post I’m going to take them as granted. Also, when this was written I had only read the summary at WoW.com, and not the original post, which goes into more detail. The following is a summation of my thoughts based upon WoW.com’s summary.

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Cataclysm speculation

Now that the news from yesterday has been out for about a day, I think it’d be a bit silly to keep hiding things behind breaks, as everyone should have heard the name of the new expansion, Cataclysm, at the very least. So you’ve been warned; from now on, I won’t be concealing or announcing any spoilers I mention.

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