“Playing a mage is easy”

I wasn’t going to post today, but then I watched this, and felt I simply had to point it out. Clearly, playing a mage is easy, and everybody should roll a Warlock.

NB: You probably will want to just skip about 95% of the video as is recommended by the producer, or at least skip through – he literally does read the entirety of the document (I watched it). The original document which somebody actually wrote up for serious can be found here. And yes, the maths makes sense.



Saturday Smiles

It just makes me giggle every time, what can I say?

This week, I bring you some of the (in my opinion) funniest quotes I’ve heard from around the blogosphere recently.

From Critical QQ:

“For those of you who follow my armory page, you may have noticed that my haste has risen to a mighty value of 1175. For those of you do not, my haste has risen to a mighty value of 1175.”

From Forbearance:

“We should have gotten Insanity, but we went into phase 3 with the Exhaustion debuff. It was my fault– I forgot that taking my shirt off triggers global Heroism.”

From Greedy Goblin:

“Politics is like a sewer tank: the largest pieces float atop.”

From Gaussification:

“You Fail At Cooldowns If…

  • When asked to use them you check the temperature of your CPU
  • You believe you have no cooldowns”

[Author’s note: There were a lot of good ones in this post, these are just two]

From Cold Comfort:

“Fine.  There’s a solution for that.  Don’t use the Dungeon Finder.  If you’re unwilling to mix with people you haven’t met before, don’t put yourself in a situation where that is the only possible outcome.

It’s like having a peanut allergy and going to work for Planter’s.  No good will come of this.”

And from the name of the Yogscast’s Star Trek Online review:

“I just Shatner my pants.”

Did you see anything funny around the web recently that you’d like to share? Any other deserving quotes? Leave a comment below!


My Youtube Subscriptions

Continuing the theme of talking about myself, I’m today moving from audio to visual and am going to talk about the (active) WoW-related people and groups I follow on Youtube. Again, these are in no real order.

1. First up, the Azerothian6. This group is made up of 5 artists and a machinimator, including Nyhm, and while they have so far released just one song (Honor Killz), I’m hopeful they’ll release more, as their work is very very good.

2. Next is BlueXephos, the channel for the YOGSCAST videos and ‘guides’ done by the same people who do the YoGPoD podcast. Hilarity ensues!

3. Thirdly, we have Ciderhelm, whose channel hosts the fantastic TankSpot video guides which are loved by all raiders everywhere. Personally, I’ve never found better, and whilst I shall probably never even see past Flame Leviathan, I watch all the guides anyway, just to enjoy the clean and crisp quality.

4. CraniusPresents is the channel for Cranius’ videos, an artist I’ve been following for years and one who I was glad to see make a comeback recently with some new songs. The ubiquitous Big Blue Dress video can be found here!

5. The ESL channels I’m considering one group here, hence no link – these bring me the latest arena tournament videos and news, showcasing some excellent gameplay that I can’t always see live.

6. Next is gatedemon1, a WoW player who produces videos of various helpful things from inside the game, and who has also started delving into machinima.

7. NinthBatter, the fairly famous machinimator who produces videos for the wow.com team, is the next channel I’m subscribed to. Some good stuff there!

8. phrog801 is the channel for Nyhm, the well known artist who has produced many good song parodies, and who is probably one of the best out there in my opinion.

9. Quix0tica is another machinimator’s (must I keep having to spell that?) channel, this time for, well, Quix0tica. She has created some really good videos, including useful tutorials I’ve used myself for my blog videos, and I’d suggest anyone take a look.

10. TribunalXHunter is a Night Elf hunter on the Whisperwind server. How do I know that? He says it at the start of every video he produces, and he produces a lot… However, they are all very good quality, and don’t all revolve around hunters either. Definitely worth a peep.

11. WarcraftMoviez is the channel for the Warcraft Movies site (I think – it sounds obvious but I could be wrong), regularly releasing PvP videos, machinima and other good content.

12. Finally, we have maybe my favourite subscription, wowhobbs, which is of course the video for the PAoEladin Hobbs, famed for the Hobbs way of pulling in addition to his casual and friendly manner. At what must be almost 120 videos, he’s doing great and I hope he keeps it up!

Next time, my must-see machinma movies!


My Podcasts

So today I’m going to talk about the various podcasts I’m subscribed to (about WoW) on iTunes. All of them are free, and I suggest you listen to at least two episodes of one before you judge it. Oh, and they’re not in any order except that which they appear in iTunes in.

1. First up is All Things Azeroth by Medros and Graece. This is a fairly generic podcast about WoW, covering all the latest news and goings on both in-game and about it.

2. Next is The Instance, a very old and famous podcast from Scott Johnson. Again, this covers all the happenings from the World of Warcraft, and the podcast can be quite humorous at times.

3. Third, Outlandish, which is actually one of my favourites. They often do sketches of advertisements, parodies of songs and other such funnies, while discussing all things WoW.

4. The Rawrcast is another well-known podcast by Stompalina and Hafrot. They talk about a healthy mixture of their WoW lives, such as their guild and friends, and the newest developments in the game.

5. World of Warcast is also on the list, brought to us by Starman and Renata. Similar to All Things Azeroth, it’s a show which covers a lot of things, though they occasionally do specialized episodes, such as one about the Midsummer Fire Festival.

6. Next, we have the WoW Insider show by the staff from wow.com, previously wowinsider.com. This is also a personal favourite, as it can be very funny, although they sometimes don’t cover as much as other podcasts. Still, who doesn’t love Turpster?

7. Yet Another World of Warcraft Podcast (YAWOWP) requires a certain sense of humour to enjoy, but is very funny although admittedly not always specifically WoW-related. It can also be quite specific, but is definitely worth a listen in my opinion.

8. The YoGPoD is the podcast from the YOGSCAST team, famous for their ‘guide’ videos to various things. As with the above, it can sometimes run off on a complete tangent (I do recall one episode entirely being one of the team members reading some chapters of a book) but it’s often hilarious nevertheless.

9. Last but not least is the Doghouse podcast from Doghouse Systems. While it’s not strictly about WoW, this is a fantastic show all about tech and gadget news, mixed in with news from their company (they build gaming computer systems specifically for games like WoW).

I’m sure there are many others out there – indeed, I know there are – but these are the ones I follow and try to listen to regularly. Are there any you listen to that you think I might like? Leave a comment!